About Wichita Growth Center

Wichita Growth Center was founded in 1979 by Dr. Don Blasi, Ph.D. for the purposes of helping children, adolescents, adults, individuals, and families in the Wichita Metropolitan Area grow individually and in their relationships. Renewed in their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, these individuals are better able to contribute to the bigger community.

Christina M. Weber, LCMFT founded Integrative Family & Therapy Services in 1994 to provide marriage and family therapy and mediation services to the clients at Wichita Growth Center. Wichita Growth Center attracts therapists who emphasize positive psychology and are systemic thinkers.

Conveniently located near the core of the city, Wichita Growth Center historically has served a diverse population – white, black, Hispanic, Asian, those with special needs, a broad span of ages, and those from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds – in a calming, comfortable, low-stress environment.

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