Christina M Weber, LCMFT

Christina Weber has a Masters degree in Family Therapy from Friends University and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration / Marketing from Kansas State University. Prior to returning to graduate school, Christina worked for a Fortune 50 company in corporate sales / account management for five and a half years. She has been in private practice at Wichita Growth Center since 1997.

Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist since 1997
Member / Founder WFSI Peer Group (Wichita Family Systems Institute)
Visioneering Wichita Vision Partner

What Christina Likes About Being A Therapist

It’s truly an honor to be an instrument in the healing and growth of individuals and families. It amazes me how simple interventions and just being with clients can bring such positive change so quickly that can change the trajectory of a lifetime.

On Empowering Clients

Barring unusual circumstances, I believe clients have the capability to find solutions to their own problems. My role is to help them identify, access, and begin utilizing their internal and external resources. It is very rewarding to provide people with information and feedback that assist them in moving their lives in a positive direction.

Encouraging Balance

I particularly enjoy working with young adults, couples, families, and children. The environment today is much different from the sphere of past generations. It is increasingly difficult to juggle family, personal needs, and career in such a fast changing world. Helping families stay true to their values while being bombarded by choices and demands is an important focus of the work I do with many of my clients.

Holistic Approach

I utilize a holistic approach, believing that a persons body, mind, spirit and community are all important components of their overall health. Nutrition, exercise, interface with other professionals, expansion of support networks and support people, and exploration of spiritual issues can all be important parts of treatment. I endeavor to be respectful of the ideas and values of my clients. I strive to be authentic and true to who I am, while not imposing my beliefs on others should their values be different.

Promoting Relationships

I believe as human beings we are created to be in relationship with others. Sadly, for many, relationships have been sources of pain. I have seen my clients experience great healing through work on improving existing relationships and the development of additional, healthy, nurturing, positive relationships in their lives.

How Christina Approaches People

I am very direct in my work with clients. I strive to understand what isn’t working and how I can help. I play an active rather than a passive role as a therapist, while still allowing the client to be responsible for their own change. Clients have told me they appreciate this approach and it helps them lead to the results they want much more quickly.

Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical approach with clients is eclectic based on the needs of the client. It is founded in my systemic orientation, where I believe it only takes one person changing to change a system and all issues must be viewed in the context of the environment. My over-riding orientation is that I believe I can only help clients heal and grow to the degree that I have invested in my own personal healing and growth. This belief inspires my constant journey into personal and professional development and into becoming the best “me�? I can be.

Specialty Areas

  • Systemic Christian-oriented individual, couple, and marriage therapy.
  • Therapy with children and adolescents and their families
  • Child play therapy / treatment of childhood disorders
  • Therapy with a client in recovery from addictions and addictive behaviors.
  • Therapy with clients who are in recovery from Narcissistic Abuse.

Unique Communication Skills

  • Spanish therapy services
  • Sign Language (Signing Exact English) therapy services

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